Mental Health Month

The month of May is mental health month; an entire month dedicated to de-stigmatizing mental illness as we aim to educate ourselves and those around us on the importance of mental health. Today specifically is Women’s Check-up Day and here at Renew, we want to remind you of the importance of your mental health in addition to your physical health.

As we aim to prioritize our mental health, we can start to implement methods and practices that help to ground ourselves and live in the moment. As life can be very hectic, finding a work-life balance can be very difficult.

Here at Renew we aim to show our clientele the importance of self-care and investing in yourself. We are here to show you how integral self-care is to your mental health and how it intersects with our physical health.


Renew Massage Therapy

All massages offered at Renew have specific characteristics, purposes, and benefits. For instance, our Hot stone massage is aimed to provide the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation as it uses hot stones to ease tense muscles and helps the overall circulation of the body. The heat emitted from the stones is proven to help draw out toxins to the surface of the skin that is then eliminated through your body’s natural sweat. In addition, we also provide deep tissue, couples, and basic and prenatal massages.

All massages and massage therapy at Renew will instantly put you in a relaxing and comforting trance. As massages are done on the body, they allow for tension and pent-up pain to be released in a way that can relieve and reduce anxiety and stress as they often manifest in physical forms.

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Renew Cosmetic Services and Confidence

Renew Spa is aimed to provide the Markham community with the latest and most effective cosmetic services in the spa and medical industry. We want to educate our clientele as well as help boost their confidence through our services. As we now have access to such services, we encourage those that have been curious or have simply wanted to fix or improve certain areas of their self to invest in that aspect as well.

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Renew IV Therapy

When we consume our vitamins orally our body is only susceptible to absorbing 10% of the vitamin’s nutrients and benefits. Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy) is a moderately newly developed medical technique used to deliver medication and or vitamin fluids to the body through your veins, increasing the total amount of nutrients absorbed into the body.

Through IV therapy as we are absorbing more nutrients, we can effectively gain the benefits of said vitamins and minerals through the treatment. As the fluid is directly injected into our veins, we help strengthen our body and increase overall welfare at a faster rate. At Renew we have curated our IV therapy treatment to a realizing and rejuvenating procedure. You can sit back and relax and be at ease as you know you are prioritizing your body and taking steps to improve your immune system and overall wellbeing.

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Self-Care Starts Today

At Renew the services we offer are designed to provide our clientele with a relaxing and all-inclusive experience. Through the time you spend at Renew, we aim to show you how integral investing in yourself is to your mental and overall health. As our clientele takes part in our services and treatments over time confidence and mental health can drastically improve as you begin to establish a self-care regimen. Prioritizing yourself in the best investment you can make.

So, remember we are here for you and book your next necessary self-care day at Renew today!


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