10 last minute gift ideas for valentine’s day

10 last minute gift ideas for valentine’s day

Well, obviously, it’s Valentine’s Day, but look, we get it! You’ve had a hectic last couple of days, and the Holiday snuck upon us. No need to stress about that perfect gift that somehow encapsulates the love you have for that special someone; we got your back! Sit back, relax, and here are 10 LAST minute gifts that will have a LASTing effect(impact) on your significant other.



Green Envee Organics Products – Herbal Cleansing Cream

At Renew, we offer a variety of wellness products made to enhance your self-care journey. Green Envee Organics Products are a 100% clean, sustainable, and organic brand that has been expertly formulated to ensure effectiveness. 


Alumier MD – Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 40 (untinted)

Here’s your reminder that sunscreen is necessary for all seasons and skin types. Invest in a perfectly formulated sunscreen from AlumierMD made for all skin types. The barrier you put between your skin and the sun is crucial in your self-care routine. Show your significant other that you care by purchasing the highest quality sunscreen found at Renew. 



$50 – $500

Renew gift card

​A gift is always the perfect gift, especially when it is from Renew. Put the power into your significant other’s hands and let them choose the way they are pampered. Our spa in Markham offers the newest skin treatments, trends, and luxurious spa services.

$25 – $250

Film camera

Give your significant other the ability to capture those special moments with a film camera. Film cameras come in various types and models and can be found for under $30. 




Satin Pilowcase

A good night’s rest is essential to any wellness and beauty routine. Your pillowcase plays a critical role in the health of both your skin and your hair. Satin is proven to help retain your skin and hair’s natural moisture, promoting healthier and more radiant skin and hair.


Renew full-body message

Your neck, shoulders, hips, hands, and feet are the most common places your body holds stress. At Renew, we offer various pampering messages to reduce stress and target those tight areas. Give your significant other the ultimate relaxing treatment that will leave their body feeling fresh and brand new.  (Available March 27th)




Diffuser and Essential Oils

A diffuser is genuinely one of the best wellness gifts that one can have. Pair your diffuser with your favourite essential oils for added physical and mental health benefits. Diffusers can help support air quality, clarity, focus, sleep, and digestion.


Handmade Love Coupons

Put your DIY skills to the test and give your significant other some love coupons! These coupons can be valid for any act of service you want to provide. It is quick, easy, and free and will mean a lot.




Shower Steamers

Who doesn’t want a relaxing and rejuvenating spa bath at home? A shower steamer is what will elevate your shower to the next most relaxing level by releasing calming and aromatherapeutic essential oils.


Make Their Favourite Dish

What better way to show you know someone than to cook their favourite dish from scratch. You don’t have to be a top chef. Nail down the recipe and have some fun with it, and remember to add love.



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