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When you want a certain look or are in a pinch, hair extensions have been the perfect temporary answer to many of our calls as they provide the wanted length and colour of our dreams.

Similarly, sometimes we want to have longer and fuller-looking eyelashes. In the same way, extensions have the potential to take our hair to the next level, they can do the same with our eyelashes. Eyelash extensions offered at Renew Medical Spa and Wellness Clinic Markham, are temporary enhancements applied to the top lash line that gives you that longer fuller look in an instant.



All lash extensions are supplied by RAERE Beauty & Education. They are Toronto’s and Canada’s number one source for eyelashes, training and supplies (RAERE, 2022). RAERE offers the highest quality and luxury lashes for our Renew clientele.  


Enhanced Look: Having fuller, darker, naturally longer looking lashes brightens your eyes and the surrounding areas leaving you with a more refreshed and put-together look

Save Time on Your Routines: Since eyelash extension give you a more complete look, you will save time in your everyday routine. Some might even completely opt-out of wearing makeup as the lashes give a refreshed and lighter look altogether. While others will save time not having to deal with mascara or applying fake lashes. 

Waterproof: Aside from the first 48 hours after the initial application, your eyelash extensions are waterproof and will still provide you with that fuller look after showers and other water activities. 

No Damage: If taken care of properly, eyelash extensions are created to simply enhance the eye and not harm nor damage your natural lashes. 

Confidence Boost: Some people find themselves insecure about the curl, length and colour of their lashes. Eyelash extensions can help give you that extra boost of confidence throughout your day.




Once an initial evaluation is done and you have chosen your desired overall look which consists of a curl pattern and level of fullness. We will ensure you are in a comfortable position laying on your back. 

We then begin cleansing the eye area. Here we will strip any oils and germs from your eyes and lashes. During the application portion of the procedure, your eyes will remain closed, this portion takes between an hour to two depending on the type and style of lash extension. An under-eye gel pad will be placed to help keep your lower lash line down and away from your top. In addition, at Renew we place hydrating eye patches under your eyes to moisturize and add a calming sensation for our clients.  

Tweezers are then used to carefully and gently apply the lash extensions to your upper lash line. This is a painless and easy process that you might find yourself so relaxed that you fall asleep. 

Once all extensions are applied, the under-eye patches and eye gel will be easily removed and we will make sure that you are satisfied with your look and make any needed revisions.


If it is your first time getting eyelash extensions it will take you some time to get used to having them. Even if you get a very full look, if done properly, you should not feel the extensions nor have any associated pain.

After a few days of the procedure if you are uncomfortable, have trouble seeing or are noticing any eye irritation please contact us here at Renew and we will do everything we can to accommodate.


In order to ensure that your lashes last the optimal amount of time. We encourage that all Renew clients follow these aftercare tips:


Try to not get your eyelashes wet for the first 48 hours after your procedure.


Avoid rubbing your eyes or any excess touching of the lashes.

When it comes to washing your face, try to use a gentle hand around your lashes and never rub them. 


Refrain from using mascara or false eyelashes.


Routinely brush them out to keep their shape.

We will provide you with eyelash combs/wands for you to comb out your lashes. You can also find them in bulk.


If taken care of, by following RAERE’S Eyelash extensions aftercare tips, your extensions should last about two to four weeks. This depends on the person and the type of lashes that they get applied.

If you have sensitive eyes or are prone to having runny eyes please consult us before you book an eyelash extension appointment here at Renew as this might not be the right treatment for you. We will direct you to other treatments and ways to grow your lashes.


At Renew Spa and Wellness clinic we have a team of certified beauty aestheticians that will take care of your eyelash extension needs.

 You can consult our team and we will help plan your eyelash extension procedure.  We will talk you through the process and ensure that we understand what type of look you are going for. We want to help make this process as simple and easy as possible, we are here to support you and help with our communities’ eyelash needs. 


Available now, here at Renew we offer eyelash training in collaboration with RAERE Beauty & Education. The training will be held at our Markham location. To find more information and signup for classes head on over to RAERE’s website. 

Written by Serena Barry


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